5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Made in Tampa Bay

The caddy hanging from your showerhead and the drain cleaner in your cupboard serve their purposes well. Efficiency is important to you, and those simple items keep you and your home functioning as they should. Or, so you think.

Homeowners in the Tampa Bay area make more plumbing errors than you think, and we at Cass Plumbing see them on a daily basis. Check out these 5 common plumbing mistakes that we see in Tampa Bay daily.

1. Placing too much weight on plumbing fixtures

There goes your shower head. It’s tempting to load those holders hanging from your plumbing fixtures, but it’s not worth it. If there are too many bottles of soap hanging from your shower head, the plumbing fixture could crack or leak. There’s also a chance the fixture could snap from its threads altogether and you’ll be stuck without a place to store your shower supplies, let alone a working shower!

2. Using the toilet as a garbage can

Your toilet can handle toilet paper and human waste, but everything else should be thrown into a trash can. There’s a long list of items that can’t be flushed lest they harm your plumbing fixtures, and they could also damage your septic system. If you have to ask, toss it instead. Though your child or pet could end up flushing a foreign item, it’s up to you to prevent the rest. An overflowing or clogged toilet is sure to put a damper on your day.

3. Improperly clearing drains

The feeling is all too familiar. When hair clogs the shower drain, or last night’s dinner is overflowing from your garbage disposal into your sink, it’s time to take action. Many homeowners reach for the harmful drain cleaners in the cupboard, but the chemicals found in many cleaners can corrode pipes, make clogs worse, and even pose health hazards. Instead, properly clear your drain with natural products, and be cautious when using tools so you don’t cause damage to fixtures. If you’re having a difficult time, a quick call to the plumber is a simple solution.

4. Settling with Temporary Plumbing Fixes

Your temporary fix for a leaky pipe might be good for now, but failing to invest in a permanent solution could cost you. When the toilet or the pipes below the sink are subject to your DIY solutions, it’s important to be sure you’ve properly fixed the problem. That roll of tape is likely more attractive than the expensive part designed to fix the problem, but the tape could end up costing you more in the long run.

5. Not Hiring a Professional

As you toss aside your doubts and pull out the plunger or tool kit, don’t be fooled by confidence. You’re capable of fixing certain plumbing issues by yourself, but if you’re not careful with your fixes, you could end up with a flooded basement. There’s a certain point at which everyone should call a plumber. No shame in trusting the pros!

Are you suffering from one of these plumbing mistakes or emergencies? Cass Plumbing is here to help. We are Tampa Bay plumbing experts in drain cleaning, pipe repair and replacement and more. When you need a good plumber in Tampa, give the professionals at Cass Plumbing a call. Cass Plumbing has thousands of 5 star reviews online, is ranked #1 by Best Plumbers for the Tampa Bay region and has earned an A+ rating by the Tampa Bay Better Business Bureau. Get in touch today with us today at (813) 265-9200.