5 Plumbing Tools Every Tampa Home Should Have

Maintain Your Tampa Household Pipes and Plumbing

There are 5 essential basic items that Tampa households should have in order to maintain pipes and plumbing. Not only will having these 5 tools save you time from having to call a licensed plumber for every single little plumbing issue, but it will also allow people to have peace of mind regarding the state of the the plumbing in their home.

Toilet Auger

The toilet auger is one of the most commonly used items in the plumber’s tool kit. This tool allows people to break up clogs, or retrieve obstructions that are causing blockages. The auger is connected to a flexible shaft which gets pushed down the toilet. A crank handle is also in place at the end, allowing people to grab the obstructions rather than simply breaking them up. The reach on the average toilet auger is around three feet. We recommend being very gentle when using a toilet auger. Depending on the toilet, you can crack your porcelain toilet bowl.

If the toilet auger gets stuck, do not force anything. Call Cass Plumbing and we will be right out to fix your plumbing problem. Remember, we do this for a living and encounter plumbing issues like yours multiple times a day. When in doubt, error on the side of safety and call us. Water damage from a broken toilet can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Flange Plunger

A flange plunger is not only used by plumbers, but is also a common everyday household item. The flange plunger can come in a large number of different size and shape variations. It is most commonly used to clear clogs in the toilet. The flange plunger works by causing a vacuum, which generates a large amount of water force. The flange plunger differs from a cup shaped plunger because it will shape to seal off the toilet hole.

Plumber’s Snake Or Sink Auger

Sometimes a plunger will not be enough to clear a clog. If a plunger fails, then a plumber’s snake or sink auger should be the next step. These are primarily used for sink waste. The sink auger cable is placed down into the hole of the sink until the clog can be felt. It should then be pulled back slightly and the attached crank should be turned. If this does not clear the blockage then the process should be repeated. If the clog cannot be felt then it is likely beyond the distance of the cable. If it is beyond the reach of the auger, call the professionals at Cass Plumbing. We have the tools to fix your plumbing problem.

Faucet Valve Set Wrench

The faucet valve set wrench is used to remove and replace the faucet body valve seat. When a washer wears down too much it can grind between the washer valve seat and the faucet body valve seat. This can cause the faucet body valve seat to lose its smooth surface and become rough, which can cause leaks. The faucet valve set wrench is used to fix this problem.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench

The adjustable pipe wrench is probably the most recognizable feature of the plumber’s tool kit. This tool is tightened around a pipe using a knurled knob, which is specifically designed to fit rounded objects. The edges of the wrench are serrated, which increases the overall pressure when the wrench is turned. Duck tape should be used as a barrier on the pipe to prevent teeth marks from occurring when using an adjustable pipe wrench.

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