8 Christmas Plumbing Tips for a Merry Christmas

1. Throw Your Leftovers in the Trash Can, Not the Drain

When it’s time to clean up, resist the urge to simply scrape the leftovers off your dishes and into your sink. There are a lot of foods that should never go down your disposal (more on that in a moment), and if you don’t have a disposal, you definitely want to be careful about what goes down your drains. One of the easiest ways to prevent unwanted leftovers from going down the drain is to use a simple, inexpensive sink strainer. Once you’re done washing off your dishes, you can simply dump the collected waste in the garbage or compost.

2. Know What Goes in Your Disposal

Tampa homeowners sometimes treat their garbage disposal unit as a magical device that can eliminate any kind of waste. Unfortunately, there are many materials that can cause serious damage to the unit and clog your drains. In addition to familiarizing yourself with some of the common myths associated with garbage disposals, you should also be sure to avoid putting the following foods down the drain:

  • Fibrous or stringy foods (such as celery or other tough vegetables)
  • Rice, pasta, or bread-based products that can expand when exposed to moisture
  • Animal bones and fat
  • Egg shells
  • Cooking oils and grease
  • Paper, metal, or plastic materials (this should be obvious, but accidents happen)

4. Toilets Are For Waste and Toilet Paper Only!

When you’re hosting a few guests over for Christmas during this time of Covid, your toilets are probably going to have to work a bit harder than usual. Unfortunately, not everyone may be as considerate of your plumbing as you are! Make sure your guests know not to flush bathroom items that commonly clog household toilets:

  • Sanitary napkins
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Facial pads
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • Paper towels
  • Cigarette butts

5. Dispose of Grease, Fats & Oils Properly

Grease and oil is one of the greatest threats to your plumbing at the best of times. When you’re serving a multi-course, homemade meal, the danger is even greater. When hot, grease seems like any other liquid, but it quickly congeals when it cools or comes into contact with cold water. When it solidifies in your drain, it restricts flow and catches other materials until it hardens into a major clog. Rather than disposing of grease down the drain, pour it outside or into a can or plastic bag that can be tossed into the garbage.

6. Wait to Use the Dishwasher

When you’re cleaning up after Christmas dinner, it can be tempting to run a dishwasher cycle while you continue to clean other dishes. Unfortunately, you might be creating more work for yourself by doing so. The dishwasher and the garbage disposal typically share the same drain, so running the disposal or pouring anything into the sink can wind up pushing that waste back up into the dishwasher’s cleaning cycle. Even worse, if your drains become clogged, running the dishwasher could cause the water to back up and flood your kitchen.

7. Only Cooks in the Kitchen

With Covid 19, this should not be too hard this year but keep your kitchen traffic to a minimum. It not only makes it easier for you to prepare food and clean up afterward, but also helps you to avoid costly plumbing “accidents.” Maybe your cousin dumps a plate of food into your sink, not realizing you don’t have a garbage disposal. Or perhaps your aunt loses a bracelet down the drain, or one of the kids doesn’t know that grease-filled pan shouldn’t go into the dishwasher. Taking a few steps to control your kitchen environment can help ensure that this Christmas won’t be remembered as the one where the sink overflowed.

8. Prepare Your Drains

Hosting Christmas dinner can put a lot of pressure on your household plumbing. Your kitchen and bathroom are likely going to get far more use than normal, so minor problems and clogs that you tolerate the rest of the year can quickly become a serious issue when visitors arrive. Scheduling an appointment with a professional plumbing service to check your drains for clogs and make sure everything is in good working order can help prevent unexpected headaches when you’d rather be sleeping off a turkey-induced food coma.

At Cass Plumbing, we know you’d rather be focused on making your Christmas a holiday to remember than dealing with plumbing issues. We also realize that sometimes things during the Christmas season go wrong. That’s why we’re standing by to handle your plumbing emergencies so you can get back to enjoying the holiday with your family. If you encounter a problem that’s too much to manage on your own, our team of seasoned professionals is ready to help!

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