A Touch of Cass

If you turn on the television or Social Media in 2020 you would think this is the absolute worst year ever. The 1 common thread running through every message is how unhappy and disgruntled Americans are about the year 2020. Many are calling it the worst year in American history.

Conservatives on the right are complaining about the liberals on the left, while the liberals on the left are complaining about the conservatives on the right. Everyone is complaining about Covid 19, the economy, the government, racial injustice, the protests, the riots, the police, the weather, hurricanes, immigration, unemployment, global warming, pollution, health care, the Federal debt, inflation, the politicians in Washington DC, Tallahassee & in Tampa. One thing is for certain, complaining is a constant theme that permeates through our American culture in 2020.

This begs the question, is 2020 really the worst year ever? The leader of the Cass Family, Dave Cass, recently celebrated his his 87th birthday, he was born in 1933. It made me stop and think, what was life like back in 1933? What was it like to be born in that year and live life as a little boy growing up in the Great Depression of the 1930’s?

Back in the 1930’s, what was the most popular program on television? What shows did young David watch on Netflix back in the 1930’s? How many channels did his Cable TV have? What were the most popular websites back then? What kind of cell phones did they have? What kind of car did his parents drive taking him to soccer practice? At what temperature did they set their air conditioners, 68 or 70? What kind of food did they have in the refrigerator or freezer? How many dishes could they get in the family dishwasher? Were the microwave ovens smaller back then? Did their coffee makers make only 3 cups of coffee at a time? How many clothes could they get in their washer? How many clothes could the fit into the dryer? Was the wifi on young David’s Internet a lot slower back in the 1930’s? What was the screen size of their GPS devices? How long did the people have to wait for an Uber? How long did it take for the restaurant to deliver dinner to their house? Did Amazon have free delivery? What did their dentist charge? How long did it take Kroger to deliver the groceries? How many different credit cards did the family have? Were Social Security checks mailed or electronically deposited into accounts? Did Alexa have the same female voice during the Great Depression? What was young David’s favorite video game in the 1930’s, Fortnite? What email service did he use? What did his profile on Snapchat look like?

Obviously, the questions above are absurd because none of these things existed in the 1930’s. Life during the Great Depression was the toughest period in American history, and life in the year of 1933 was especially difficult. The year 1933 was one of the hardest years of the Great Depression. Half of all banks went completely our of business. Not eating and starvation was a real thing in the Great Depression. People that were born and raised in that era deeply understand how brutal and difficult life can be.

With modern plumbing, HVAC systems, electricity, big screen HD televisions, smart phones, computers, the Internet and instant access to information & entertainment, the average American living in the United States in 2020 lives far better than the kings and queens of Europe in the 1930’s.

In the year 2020, the biggest health crisis for the poor in the United Sates is not Covid 19. It’s not scurvy. It’s not smallpox. It’s not starvation. The biggest health crisis for the poor in the United States is obesity! Think about that for a minute, let this really sink in. The biggest health crisis for America’s poor is obesity. Dave Cass, born in the height of the Great Depression, has got to be laughing inside at the things people complain about in the year 2020.

It is the American generation born in the 1920’s & 1930’s that made this country truly great. It is that American generation that survived the Great Depression, defeated Hitler & fascism, stormed the beaches of Normandy, fought in the Korean & Vietnam wars, landed a man on the moon and discovered countless inventions that we enjoy today. It is the influence of Dave Cass, a man from that great generation, that has truly made Cass Plumbing the Best Plumber in the Tampa Bay region. Dave Cass has instilled so much into the culture of Cass Plumbing. It is his love and devotion to his family that in turn spills over to the way customers are treated by the plumbing professionals at Cass Plumbing. It’s the difficult times of the Great Depression that molded Dave Cass into the man he is today, and that has directly impacted the culture of Cass Plumbing and the way they take care of the customer.

During the Great Depression, money was scarce and customers with the ability to pay for quality service were rare, that is why Cass Plumbing takes nothing for granite. They respect every customer and treat them like family. They go over and above what it takes to make the customer happy. Cass Plumbing does not have to do Magic Wednesday. They do not have to offer a $75.00 gift certificate to first time customers, they do not have to give away free lottery tickets or offer free no obligation estimates. Cass Plumbing does not have to provide this incredibly high quality customer service, but they do. They do, because of the values and wisdom that have been instilled in them from the leader of the family Dave Cass. We thank Dave Cass and hope we can live up to his high standards and continue to make him proud.

As for all the complaining in America, we choose to not complain and focus on serving our plumbing customers throughout the Tampa Bay region and provide them with the highest quality plumbing service possible. For the best plumbing service in Tampa Bay call us at 813-265-9200.