Benefits of a Sump Pump Installation

Keeping water out of your home & flood free may not always be on your mind. However, it’s important to take all risks into consideration! Living in Tampa Bay, heavy rains or sporadic storms are the norm and this can easily cause water buildup in a basement or low areas of your home.  Sometimes, keeping your plumbing properly maintained isn’t enough. You should consider a sump pump installation from Cass Plumbing of Tampa Bay.

Sump pumps are designed to remove access water away from your basement and foundation of your home, preventing in home flooding and other costly damages. Ensuring your home is dry and structurally intact is hard enough, here’s why installing a sump pump can help.

The Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump

  • Protection. The most apparent benefit is reducing your risk of a flooded basement. Cleaning up a flooded basement is much more than a frustrating nuisance, it’s dangerous. The standing water puts you at risk for electrocution, and cleanup should always be done by a professional. Worst of all besides the time and labor it takes to clear a flooded basement is the cost. Depending on how severe the flood was, whether it was several inches or much more substantial, clean up and restoration costs can be high. Keep in mind that it doesn’t include the cost for other damages such as ruined appliances. Why go through all of this stress when you could prevent it with a sump pump?Related image
  • Mold and mildew prevention. Water damage often results in the growth of mold and mildew, which not only smells unpleasant, but can be hazardous to your health. It’s important to call a professional immediately if you ever spot mold growing in your home, especially if you’re not sure where it’s coming from. If you ever start coughing, wheezing, or have irritated eyes, the cause may be mold.
  • You can save money. A sump pump not only prevents you from spending thousands of dollars on cleaning a flooded basement, but also on repairing your home’s foundation which can be just as costly. Water damage can be devastating for your home, especially for your paint, wallpaper, wood, and sensitive appliances. Installing a sump pump ensures you save money that would otherwise be spent on repairs.
  • Home protection. A home without a sump pump can also leave your home at risk of a damaged foundation. Over time, water can damage your foundation and lead to pest infestation. If you have electrical appliances in your basement, flooding can also lead to electrical fires. Any electrical appliances in your basement can short circuit as soon as they come into contact with water.

How Cass Plumbing Can Helpbenefits of using a sump pump

We want your home to stay dry and safe all year long! A sump pump is the best way to prevent flooding from damaging your home. When you think of sump pumps, think of Cass Plumbing! Cass Plumbing can install, service and repair all types and models of sump pumps throughout the Tampa Bay region.

For all of your sump pump needs, or to schedule your sump pump installation, call Cass Plumbing today!