Happy Plumbing is a Happy Home

If you are aiming to keep your plumbing system running smoothly, here are a couple of common and basic problems that you could possibly handle yourself. As always check with your local professional plumber for advice.

Just How Do You Snake A Tub Drain?

In order to snake a tub drainpipe you will have to remove the overflow plate first. You can do this by eliminating the screws around it simply with a screwdriver. As soon as you have taken it off you can use a plumbing professionals drainpipe snake, which kind of looks like a water pipes brush yet thinner and you use it, in and out and all around the opening as as far as it will go. The reason for this is that whatever might be caught in the process, will be damaged down by the snaking and can either be pulled out or will move out in broken pieces. Or if it is hair, which is usual, it will break into smaller pieces and flush down the drain. more info

How Should You Fix a Clogged Sink?

The very first point attack is to try hot water. Lots of times running extremely hot waterPlumber Underneath Sinkthrough it will relax anything that is obstructing or blocking the sink. If this step does not work, you could try using a commercial fluid cleaner or unclogger. Make sure you read the directions on the back of the product. Primarily you will be putting a set amount down the sink and into the drain pipe. After that, once it starts to decrease into the pipe or the moment it has run completely out of the sink, wash it down with hot water. If this still does not work then you could take apart the drain under the sink with a wrench and snake it like the above instructions.

What Causes the Faucet to Drip After the Commode is Flushed?

It may seem that one causes the other but most likely, the problem is, that there is a loosened washer nut involved. This can easily taken care of with a wrench

What Can be Done When the Pipes Rattle?

This is also a common situation and could be dealt with a couple of different procedures. First you need to ensure that your pipeline is not old or rusted and that it is appropriately maintained, considering that shaking itself could be causing one of those noises your are hearing. Second you should inspect to see if the washing machine taps are loosened. Or if the one of the pipes is touching a rough area or another pipe. Sometimes a pipe becomes relocated over the years or becomes loose and rattles against it when water is flowing through the pipe. All these could be corrected easily by either replacing the pipeline or a tighten up the washer.

Each one of these simple tasks could aid you with some of the standard plumbing troubles that you experience. See to it that when doing any sort of task you make sure that your following the code in your community building division and that you are taking security preventive measures and shutting all energy or water systems off when attemping repairs.