Hard Water in Tampa Bay


Hard water is defined as water that has a higher than average mineral content. As rain water collects and is absorbed by the ground, it percolates through layers of limestone, picking up residual minerals on the way to the bay. These mineral particles do not completely break down in water, making their way into your Tampa plumbing system.

The first sign of hard water in your home will be the film that is often mistaken for “soap scum”, but is actually mineral residue. This mineral residue is difficult to remove without some form of chemical intervention, but is actually the least of your worries if you have hard water.

Since hard water is created by the presence of mineral particles, those particles are basically microscopic rocks. These jagged rocks continuously assault the inside of your pipes, creating pitting, corrosion and eventually, water leaks. Galvanized pipes, copper supply lines and even PEX pipes and fittings are all susceptible to the damaging effects of hard water.


Hard water damage isn’t limited to just your pipes. Every facet of your plumbing system from washers in faucets and showerheads, as well as all of the internal components of your toilet can fall victim. Tank-type water heaters are easily the most impacted appliance when it comes to hard water. The minerals in the water sinks to the bottom of the tank, creating a layer of sediment, making the unit less efficient.

With Tampa being a large and growing city, people are constantly moving in from areas that generally have softer water. This leads to a bit of a rude awakening for new Tampa residents who don’t understand the film on the shower walls, not to mention the off-putting taste! Hard water is also known to cause skin irritation and is terrible for you hair, making it dry and crunchy, like straw.

Your clothes suffer the onslaught of hard water as well, never completely rinsing, and the tiny mineral stones wear your clothes out much sooner.


Cass Plumbing of Tampa Bay recommends installing a good quality whole house water softener. Water softeners contain filters that can extract the unwanted mineral content, providing you with clear, clean drinking water. If you can’t install a whole house water softener right away, you can easily install shower filters on standard ½” shower pipes. This is an inexpensive, quick solution to the hard water issue for your showers.

Whether you choose to treat your whole house for hard water, or just want to have a hard water plumbing inspection done to see what damage hard water has done to your plumbing, call Cass Plumbing, Tampa’s water softener experts, today at 813-265-9200.

We’ll be right out and solve your Tampa hard water problems!