How to Keep Your Drain Flowing & Protect Your Bathroom Drains

A free-flowing drain is a happy drain. A happy drain maintains a useful, functioning bathroom. Everyone who sings in the shower or reads in the bath knows that few things are better than a functioning bathroom.

Keeping your drain flowing properly means maintaining it properly. To do that, you’ll have to protect it from situations where it could clog or otherwise get blocked off. That’s what we’d like to cover in this blog. Below, are the best ways to protect your bathroom drains (and the pipes they connect to) from clogs.

Know how to prevent clogs.

There are two types of drains in every bathroom: sink drains and shower drains. Both of these drains encounter a lot of hair, soap scum, and other run-off. The first thing you can do to prevent clogs is invest in drain grates to cover the openings. They’re affordable and easy to find.

You should also run a little hot water through the sink after every time you use it. That water will help wash away oils that have build up from bathroom beauty or cleaning products. Try not to flush anything down the sink other than water and soap. Treat your sink well and it’ll work when you need it.

Know what to do when clogs happen.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes clogs happen. When that happens, there are a few things you can do. First, grab a plunger and attempt to plunge the sink to dislodge the clog. Your average cup plunger will work for this task.

You could also try pouring hot water into the drain directly. Heat a pot of water on the stove until it’s just about boiling. While the water heats, bail out any standing water around the clogged drain. Once the water is hot enough, pour it into the sink and wait. In most cases, the heat will dissolve any blockages and the water will run out. Fair warning: you might have to repeat this a few times before everything is cleared.

Know how to prevent mineral build-up.

Mineral build up, or limescale, is problematic in your bathroom. It can reduce water pressure from your faucet, get into your pipes, and make your sink look gross. Luckily, keeping scale away is fairly simple. If you’re looking for a large scale solution to the problem, you could consider installing a whole-home water softener. Water softeners remove the minerals from your water that can lead to scale buildup and other problems.

If you’re not ready to commit to a softener, just remove existing mineral buildup whenever you clean your bathroom. All you’ll need is some vinegar and a soft cloth. Soak your cloth in vinegar and place it on any area of the sink with scale. Let it sit for at least thirty minutes so it can do it’s job. Remove the cloth and then use water to rinse away the remnants of now-dissolved scale.

Know who to call when problems get out of hand. Call Cass Plumbing!

Sometimes you won’t be able to unclog your bathroom drains despite your best effort. When that happens, it’s time to get some high-quality drain maintenance done on your home. Professional drain cleaning will help remove current clogs and prevent future ones.

Cass Plumbing always has expert Tampa plumbing technicians on hand to help you with your plumbing issues. Whether it’s a clogged drain, an emergency overflow, or anything else – we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call today, and we’ll be there to help in no time.