Signs Your Garbage Disposal is About to Go Out

Is your garbage disposal about it die?

A garbage disposal is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen and is too often taken for granite because it is used so much. But when your garbage disposal goes out, it is a massive inconvenience.

Don’t get caught by surprise. Below, are signs that your garbage disposal is about to go out.

It Always Restarts

Resetting the garbage disposal is a pain in the neck. It’s one of those tasks that you should only need to do every few months. If you find that you need to do it several times a week, then your garbage disposal needs to be replaced. This is one sign that it is worn out and is destined for the great sink in the sky. Everything in the kitchen should work the way you expect it to, and if it doesn’t, then it can be huge headache and cause a big mess.

It Always Leaks

A leak in your home or under your sink can have terrible consequences. Whether it is water damage, the growth of mold, or insects and other pests infesting your home, you’ve got to make it all stop. If your garbage disposal leaks, then you need to do something about it quickly. Never let the garbage disposal leaks continue, because you waste water and can cause a lot of damage to your home. Call the experts at Cass Plumbing to come over and assess what’s wrong. Fixing the leak might be enough. But if the crack is too big, then it might just be time for a new garbage disposal unit.

There’s No Power

The power will occasionally flicker in your home. This is a normal occurrence in Tampa during high winds and strong storms that threaten the electrical grid. Make sure the circuit didn’t trip and blow out for a few minutes. This can happen if multiple appliances are all running at the same time. Switch the circuit back on and see if that helps. If it doesn’t make a difference, then your garbage disposal has died.

It’s Making a Humming Noise

​If your garbage disposal stopped working, but is still producing a humming or whirring noise, the flywheel has probably become stuck with a jam or clog. Jams and clogs are the most common reason for why a garbage disposal won’t drain. First and foremost, never stick your hand down the garbage disposal! A broom handle might work for dislodging a stuck flywheel. If not, you can use the wrench that came with your disposer and attack the problem from underneath the sink. (Always remember to disconnect the power source first.) Alternately, run cold water in your sink for a few minutes as you turn the power switch on and off. This will sometimes dislodge a stuck flywheel.


​If you turn on the power switch and your disposer does not make a humming noise, it has probably overheated and tripped itself. There should be a (usually red) reset button on the underside of your garbage disposal. If nothing happens when you press the reset button, the next step is to go look at your home’s circuit box and see if a breaker has tripped. This problem is more common than you might think and is something you can easily fix on your own. However, if this issue is constantly happening, you are most likely going to need a new garbage disposal very soon.

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