Keep Faucets Looking Shiny Longer

Keep Faucets Looking Shiny Longer

You know how it is…

You wipe down your faucets, turn away for a moment, and they’re spotty once again. To help keep them shiny longer, rub down your faucets with wax paper after you clean them.

faucet cleaningThe excellent people over at advised this little technique after noticing how quick water spots gather on faucets. Wax paper has a bit of texture to it so that it can polish off water spots that cleansing misses and the wax will help ward off water for some time too.
And, you don’t have to use wax paper for just polishing your faucets!

You could also use it to clean garden devices…

cleaning garden toolsThis Old House’s site recommends using wax paper as a cleaner for garden tools. The rough texture of the paper will loosen grime and the the wax will coat exposed metal surfaces to help prevent rust.
Rub spades and other hand tools with a balled-up piece of wax paper; the roughness loosens grime, while the wax coats the metal to help prevent rust.

Or even switch out your Swiffer sheets with it…

wet and dry mopBuying individual sheets for a wet/dry mop like a Swiffer is expensive, but if you’re just looking to a do a little dusting, This Old House recommends using some of the wax paper you probably already have in your house.
The wax paper will suck up the dust and dirt just like any dry mop would, leaving your hardwood floors nice and clean in the process. Wax paper is considerably cheaper than most wet/dry wipes and should work in a pinch. Hit up the full post at This Old House for more uses.

Remember too…

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