Putting Off Plumbing Repairs Will Cost You

Often, homeowners in Tampa think they have a good reason for postponing plumbing repairs. But whether your budget is a bit tight or you’re too busy to deal with the issue, hesitating to call a professional plumber, like Cass Plumbing, could put you in a bigger bind.

Right now, your clog, leak or plumbing malfunction might seem like a minor inconvenience. But without prompt attention, small issues can cost you. Here’s why you should take care of plumbing repairs as quickly as possible.

Water Waste

Drippy faucets and leaky pipes might not seem like huge problems, but think about how they affect your water bill. According to the EPA, homeowners can cut their monthly bills by 10 percent or more by fixing water leaks. So, when you put off plumbing repairs, you’re basically throwing money away.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Plumbing leaks aren’t just bad news for your water bills – they can also seriously affect your family’s health. Moisture around a toilet, tub or sink promotes the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to respiratory problems and irritation of the throat, eyes and skin. In addition, the woodwork near the leak can rot and lose its structural integrity. The climate of Tampa, Florida is very conducive for mold. The Florida Health Department says: “One should not let mold grow and multiply indoors. When this happens, your level of exposure can increase, thereby increasing the risk of potential health problems. Building materials, household goods and furnishings may also be damaged. Mold needs to eat to survive, and it’s perfectly happy eating your home if you allow it.”

The health bills that your family could endure because you did not address your plumbing issues could be massive! There are four kinds of health problems that come from exposure to mold: allergic illness, irritant effects, infection, and toxic effects. For people that are sensitive to molds, symptoms such as nasal and sinus irritation or congestion, dry hacking cough, wheezing, skin rashes or burning, watery or reddened eyes may occur. People with severe allergies to molds may have more serious reactions, such as hay-fever-like symptoms or shortness of breath. People with chronic illnesses or people with immune system problems may be more likely to get infections from certain molds, viruses and bacteria. Molds can also trigger asthma attacks in persons with asthma. Headaches, memory problems, mood swings, nosebleeds and body aches and pains are sometimes reported in mold complaints, but the causes of these physical symptoms are not yet understood. The toxic effects of certain molds could actually be deadly. Bottom line: get your plumbing fixed ASAP!

Major Plumbing Repairs

Left ignored for too long, small plumbing issues can grow much worse. A drippy leak can turn into a trickle, for example, or a clog can build up to the point where it causes a pipe to burst. So, while you might not like the idea of calling a professional plumber now, you don’t want to risk facing the costs of major plumbing repairs down the road.

Do it yourself plumbing ends up costing more

Think you should try repairing your plumbing yourself? Taking the DIY approach might not be the best plan. Pipes and fittings are designed for specific applications, and if you aren’t careful in selecting your plumbing replacement parts, your repair could result in corrosion or even pipe failure. Or, you could begin the project and realize you don’t know how to put the parts in the proper places – this happens more often than you may think. In either case, by not calling a professional plumber at the start, you’ll end up paying more to fix the problem. Make sure you have a better way in home care on prior to avoid major problems in future!

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