The temperature you set your water heater is important

The water heater in most Tampa homes is around 18% to 20% of the total energy bill. If you set it too high, you’re going to pay a lot more each month on your monthly energy bill. But if you set the temperature too low, it’s possible that you are going to have water that isn’t hot enough. A water heater set too low is not only uncomfortable, but it might cause bacteria to grow in the tank in the tank. This sets up the goldilocks effect. You should never set your water heater below 120 degrees fahrenheit, because diseases & bacteria often develop when there’s stagnant water in your water heater and the temperature is too low. This can be dangerous. However, the water heater can use a lot of energy and most people don’t want to set it too high and waste money.

What is the temperature that you should set the water heater in your house? It’s recommended by the EPA that it should be at least (a minimum) of 120 degrees fahrenheit since that’s the temperature that can keep the water healthy in the water heater, while not being hot enough to scald you. It’s going to give you ample hot water and it’s fairly energy efficient. But the water heater setting that’s good for you is going to depend on a variety of factors.

Factors To Consider When Adjusting Your Hot Water Heater

  • Homeowners with dishwashers that don’t preheat their water might want to take the temperature to 140.
  • Couples with small children or older homeowners might choose to keep their water heater at 120. A child can get a 3rd-degree burn in just 2 seconds when the water is 150 and 5 seconds if the water is 140.
  • Homes that have occupants who have a respiratory disease or compromised immune systems should have their water heater at 140.
  • Generally, those who live alone might want to keep their water at a lower level in a range that’s acceptable since they don’t have as much need for hotter water and they’ll save money.
  • In larger households, you might want keep your water heater at a higher level since there are more people using the water.

Still, don’t know what you should choose? Experiment a little. If you want to save money, every 10 degrees you turn down the water tank thermometer, you save 3 to 5 percent on your energy bill. If your temperature is set at 140 degrees, try lowering it by 10 degrees. If that feels fine after about a week, try lowering it again by 10 degrees. If 120 degrees is not warm enough, then slowly raise it by 5 degrees at a time until you get the temperature just right.

What’s the Current Setting on Your Water Heater?

It’s simple to find the setting your water heater is at right now. Just look at your water heater’s dial if it has one. You can also take a reading of the temperature from your faucet. Just turn on your hot water and let it run several minutes. Then take its temperature.

As you can see, a lot goes into choosing the temperature for your water heater. Just remember that it shouldn’t be below 120, and use the above tips if you have special considerations.

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